The Ex Files

Cliff Battley’s new ABC iView series

ABC brings The Ex Files to Brisbane with host expert Clinical Psychologist Cliff Battley. 

The Ex Files

Sometimes the best advice comes from those you least expect.

The Ex Files is a new reality TV Show in which Clinical Psychologist Cliff Battley helps people overcome their relationship issues in a new and interesting way: By bringing them face-to-face with their ex-partners!

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Episode 1 Stevie

Cliff meets with Stevie whose constant need to portray a certain image of himself is negatively impacting his relationships.

Episode 2 Charli

Cliff meets with Charli who’s constant need to help fix her partners is pushing them away.

Episode 3 Matt

Cliff meets with Matt whose relationships are being affected by his fear of abandonment, which drives him to shower his partners with too much, too soon.

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Throughout my career, my focus has been on helping people live happier, more productive, and successful lives. I want you to achieve personal happiness also, and I am here to help you attain it.

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