Employees are your company’s greatest asset.  
They are your competitive edge.  
If you want to attract and retain the best then provide them with encouragement, education and support.  
Make them feel they are an integral part of your mission.


The Positive Change Workplace Health and Wellness Series

As a sought after professional keynote speaker, Cliff is well known for his highly relevant, engaging and effective delivery style. Comprised of 30 unique, empirically supported presentations, the Positive Change Workplace Health and Wellness Series offers corporate leaders, management teams and their staff, a range of practical psycho-emotional and behavioural tools for sustained personal and professional success.

Cliff designed this continually evolving suite of keynote presentations in his capacity as a Clinical Psychologist in response to increasing evidence surrounding current occupational health and mental wellbeing issues reported in the Australian work force. 

Modern professional settings boast a multidimensional spectrum of individuals facing any number of challenging daily situations. With this in mind, the ‘Positive Change Workplace Health and Wellness Series’ is tailored specifically for organisations focused on educating their teams for the purpose of developing mental, physical and emotional resilience and wellbeing.


Around one in four people will experience a mental health episode each year, with one in six reporting that they have experienced a common mental health problem (such as anxiety or depression) in any given week.  Yet only one in eight adults with a mental health condition is currently believed to be receiving the treatment and support they need.

It is a widely accepted fact that personal development leads to improved happiness, health and self-esteem. Individuals with a greater understanding of their self-worth have been identified as more capable of managing the inevitable challenges prevalent in our rapidly changing, fast-paced, high-pressured world. Such individuals are commonly reported as enjoying robust mental health; increased motivation and productivity; higher levels of resilience; lower workplace absenteeism and reduced likelihood of illicit-substance use and risk of addiction. Moreover, companies who provide staff with dedicated, up-to-date, holistic wellbeing training, suggest their employees exhibit significantly longer contractual commitment. 

Self-help seminars are a growth industry with powerful potential for employers and their staff. Empirical evidence indicates, a successful, inspirational educator, who can confidently connect with an audience, may single-handedly lead attendees into a positive and enthusiastic quest for personal betterment.  For organisations, this presents as a unique opportunity to play a central role in strengthening the mental wellbeing of their workforce.  
Cliff does not believe in a cookie-cutter approach where one size fits all. He therefore conducts  an initial discussion with all his clients so as to gain clear understanding of their goals and objectives and current  issues of concern. In this way,  Cliff is able to tailor his work to match the specific needs of your organisation. 

Organisations with a clear strategy in place, aimed at protection and care for the issues faced by their team, will reap the rewards of a robust and resilient workforce.

What they are saying ...


“The best investment of our time for learning to become better humans.”

Tony Gahan

  CEO Gahan Construction


“You will be left inspired with new tools for life.”

Aaron Lavell

  Partner WMS Accountants


“His honest and empathetic understanding of the human condition is light-years beyond the many facilitators I have worked with. He is among the best, if not the best.”

Stuart Cutcher

   Vice Principal Wollumbin High School


“His message is wise, insightful, intelligent and professional.”

– Dr Kate Heer MBChB


“A great learning in our pursuit of leading happier and more fulfilling lives. He is uplifting, honest, brilliant and engaging.”

– Col McIlwaine

   Fight Like a Pro, Queensland


“Motivating … an unwavering passion for knowledge … outstanding approach and a credit to the mental health industry.”

– Hardy Sattler

   Gold Coast Titans Director of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine


“The content of his work is compulsory knowledge for sustained mental health.”

– Professor Karl Lyons

   Department of Oral Rehabilitation, University of Otago


“His incredible body of knowledge serves as a tremendous asset to the mental health community.”

– Dr Jim Abrahams

   Capri Family Medical Centre


“Information helping us to achieve better personal outcomes, greater fulfilment, a higher estimation of ourselves and a better life.”

– Professor Steve Webb

  Bond University


“I have a deeper understanding of the responsibility I carry in being a man of my word. What he says, and how he says it, has helped me love, honour and show gratitude for all I have.”

– Lyndon McKay

  Father of three, Husband in love


“He created something special. The ability to let us know we have a choice.”

– Brett Burkett

  eHealth Currumbin Clinic


“A most worthwhile commitment of my time: I now have a new “conversation” with myself every day.”

– Sam Strong

  Rio Tinto


“The message was clear, the strategies were ‘doable’, supported by research and balanced perfectly with a light sense of humour.”

– Karen Greenwood

Elanor High School, Wellbeing Co-ordinator


“I feel more positive, motivated and able to tackle the trials of life. His work has had a very positive effect on our staff morale and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a solid self-motivating, long-term perspective on life.”

– Anthony J Fontainas

WALSH Accountants


“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the troops. The energy, humour and clear messaging helped us grasp the concepts and apply them to our circumstances. Our profession can be prone to stressful periods and high staff turnover. Sessions like this are invaluable for our staff to understand the purpose of longer journey and why they come to work each day.”

– Kym Laracy

WMS Accountants


“These are the tools for becoming the best version of yourself. Without this work, I could not have achieved my goals.”

– Trent Harding

   Queensland MMA Champion


“Helpful, inspiring, influential and hugely responsible for my happiness.”

– Casey Fintell

  ICE Vacations Australia


“Participated in session with Cliff today about conflict management as well as anxiety management which are both highly relevant to most people in both their business and personal lives. Great to come away with some tools to use as well. Would definitely recommend to business owners as a positive educational opportunity for their team.”

– Donna Bruce

ULTIQA and RCI Resort Management


“As I grow into my true potential I find myself joyous and free. I am certain it was this information that triggered my change.”

– Chris Donnigan

  Father of three


“His work and delivery is something special. It doesn’t leave men much option but to become better men.”

– Ben Cornell

   Lives Lived Well Queensland


“Advice and guidance playing an instrumental role in the success of our family’s love.”

– Kelly and Mark Trousseaux

   Married for 18 years


The 2020 Positive Change   Workplace Health and Wellness Series


  • The Business of Happiness  – How to Design an Effective Plan for a Life of Happiness.
  • Self-Esteem Is Your Super Power – Five Fool Proof Fundamentals for Building Your Self-Concept.
  • The Magic of Self-Direction  – Secrets of Self-Discipline for the Dedicated Individual.
  • The Half Full Cup  – Harnessing the Power of Optimism.
  • Cultivating a Positive Personality – Strategies for Focus in a World of Distraction.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence  – IQ Gets You Hired and EQ Gets You Promoted.
  • Cultural Corporate Competency More Than Flags, Foods, and Festivals.
  • Already Tired Tomorrow How to Avoid Burnout and Compassion Fatigue.
  • Defeating Depression  – Find the Calm in the Chaos.
  • The Art of Assertiveness  – Have Your Say in a Positive Way.
  • The Peak Performance Team  – Build the People Who Build the Business.
  • Am I Having Fun Yet? Finding Meaning in Your Work.
  • Positive Workplace Behaviour and Etiquette  –  He Said What?!? She Did That?!?
  • From I Wish  to I Can to I Am – Finding Motivation From Within.
  • Be Smart Eat Smart Practical Nutrition for the Modern Professional.
  • Get Fit. Lose Weight. Tone Up. – Life Fitness for the Corporate Career Marathon.
  • Pulverise Procrastination  – How to Put the “Pro” In Procrastinate.
  • Bully-Proofing the Professional  – Your Value Is Not Determined By Others.
  • Excellence Is Contagious  – The Non-Negotiables Successful People Do Differently.
  • The Resilience Factor – From Surviving to Thriving.
  • Secret Mens’ Business  – Navigating the Mysteries of Modern Manhood
  • From Fear to Freedom and Fulfilment  – How to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. 
  • Dealing with Distress and Healing Heartache  – How to Survive Grief & Loss.
  • The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose  – How to Find Your ‘Why?’ So You Can Live Your ‘What?’
  • Address Your Stress  – Be the Solution Not the Cause.
  • Overcoming Anxiety  – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. 
  • Rules of Romance So Romance Rules – How to Find, Build and Energise a Life Long Love Life.
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along?  –  Conflict Management 101: Rules of Engagement.
  • From Possible to Probable – Advanced Self-Esteem for the Self-Aware Adult. 
  • Building Accountability – We All Sit Down to a Banquet of Consequences.

Helpful Information

Session One ‘The Business of Happiness is an inspiring, thought-provoking and practical two-hour education session forming the launch pad for all other modules in the suite. As such, it is always delivered as an initial keynote presentation. It is a real winner and is guaranteed to leave your staff grateful, moved and asking you for more. 
Cliff can deliver this presentation as a stand-alone, one-off speaking engagement. It is the perfect presentation for any occasion. It also allows you to view Cliff in action and decide on his suitability for your team.   
All other modules are delivered in accordance, and with consideration to, the requirements of your organisation. Cliff will work with you personally to decide on the most appropriate selection for your team.