Individual Therapy

Individual therapy will be focused on resolving the issues that bring you to me. Through a process of positive change, you can become, or return to, the best possible version of yourself; happy, content, centred, satisfied, worthy, and genuinely excited about the experience of being you. Initially, we will identify the goals you seek to accomplish. Then, using powerful yet compassionate techniques, we will discover, promote, and inspire the powerful forces of positive change waiting within you. We will work through an achievable and realistic series of steps on the path to experiencing your hopes and dreams. Together we will release you from past negative patterns, empower you to move forward, and have the freedom to love being you in the life you live.

Organisational Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

By building the individual you are building your team

Exceptional self-development and team-building courses individualised, specifically tailored, and delivered in a fun and creative environment. Through coaching your staff in areas including self-discipline, self-esteem, career objectives, personal health, nutritional awareness, and values based living, your business as a whole can achieve a performance increase in overall productivity and profitability. With a range of physically and mentally stimulating challenges, individuals are transformed into a more satisfied, cohesive and harmonized team. Meeting your expectations is integral to the success of each course. After a personal consultation with your business we will design a customised program aimed at achieving the results you desire. At the conclusion of each course we are able to provide you with unparalleled insight into what participants achieved on the course.

(Presentation content and structure will be tailored to suit your personal and professional requirements)

Keynote Presentations

Cliff has over 25 years of experience in public speaking and group facilitation. He conducts corporate, public service, and private organisational work. He can deliver keynote presentations to your business, school, private interest group, or sports team. Specifically, he works with small to large-scale groups targeting team work, self-discipline, self-esteem, values-driven success, positive parenting, weight-loss, nutritional awareness, and current youth and gender issues.

Presentations are tailored from one hour through to one day and are designed to give participants the knowledge required to enjoy more productive, healthy, happy, and successful lives. 

Using is strong social media platform, Cliff is well known for his mental health and well being talks, which are brief versions of some keynote presentations.