Ebook – The How of Happiness: Five Simple Steps to Strong Self-Esteem – Cliff Battley


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We All Want to be Happy.

We want to love the experience of being ourselves.

We want strong and healthy self-esteem.

Without question, these are life’s most desired goals.

Happy, self-confident people are more likely to achieve financial, romantic and physical success.

They know how to find life satisfaction.

However, there is a problem.

We are pursuing happiness harder and faster than ever before. We are living longer too. The chase has become an endurance event: and with the longer journey comes a greater number of challenges.

Many of us feel disillusioned, frustrated and disempowered.

We experience sadness, loneliness and emptiness.

The good news is, there is plenty you can do about it, and for the most part, it is easier than you would expect.