Ebook – Five Practical and Effective Ways to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem – Cliff Battley



In this ebook you will learn five simple and effective tools for building your child’s self-esteem. You’ll also enjoy an introduction to your supreme power as a parent and how you can use this to bully proof your child.

Strong self-esteem is single most important gift you can give your child. That’s because children with stronger self-esteem develop into happy and productive adults. They enjoy command over self-discipline, confidence in the face of challenge and understanding of how to build self-respect. Give your child strong self-esteem and you bully proof your child for life.

Kids with strong self-esteem are capable and confident. Better still, these kids value themselves and their abilities. Being proud of themselves and the things they can do, these kids are motivated to work hard and then take responsibility for their results.

Meanwhile, children with lower self-esteem do not do so well. They are at a greater risk of experiencing depression, anxiety, bullying, fear, self-harm, trauma and many other mental health issues. Their inner voice says, “not good enough.”

With strong self-esteem your child can:

• Feel worthy, loved, and valued
• Manage life’s downturns
• Handle rejection and then bounce back
• Manage their problems in a healthy manner
• Enjoy positive, loving and secure relationships
• Take care of and trust in themselves
• Stand up for themselves and ask for help when they need it
• Rise above bullying, knowing they are worthy, capable and highly valued
• See life as a game they will win

A must for every parent, this easy to read, short-version ebook provides the perfect starting-platform for any parent wanting to raise a confident, happy and psychological strong child.

If you have read this then you are dedicated to your child’s wellbeing. You are an excellent parent.

Download your copy now.

Cliff Battley

Clinical Psychologist.

Author and Presenter of Bully Proof Your Child