Audiobook | Bully Proof Your Child – A Handbook for Raising a Child With Superhero Self-Esteem


Bully Proof Your Child – How to Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem (Audiobook)

Bullying is officially here to stay. Our schools have weakened, the law-makers have softened and our children are forced to pay. As parents, we are repeatedly reminded of our inability to save our children. It almost as if the bully enjoys greater protection than their victim. Governments tell us we are wrong. That in fact they dedicate billions of dollars to … creating awareness … having discussions … saying bullying is not ok … In truth, bullying is worse than ever.

The good news is you can bully proof your child for life.

This easy-to-follow guide, offers parents step-by-step instructions for how to bully proof your child.

Cliff Battley, Australian clinical psychologist, world-class parenting expert and passionate father has created the perfect solution to bully proof your child for life.

You will learn:

  • How to know if your child is being bullied
  • Exactly what to say if your child is being bullied
  • How to protect your child if they are being bullied
  • What you MUST NEVER do if your child is bullied (WARNING: Most parents do this)
  • How to guarantee your child’s school will co-operate
  • Why higher self-esteem will bully proof your child
  • How your relationship drives their self-esteem
  • How to build your relationship in ten minutes
  • The five rules of behaviour change
  • How to turn misbehaviour into positive behaviour
  • What to do when they won’t listen
  • Why yelling won’t work and what you can do that will
  • How to emotion coach your child
  • What to do if your child is depressed, stressed or anxious

Let Cliff teach you, as he has taught thousands of others, exactly how to raise your child’s resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Enlightening, empowering and uplifting, this essential guide will help any parent to identify, manage and eliminate the negative effects of bullying on your child.

Cliff Battley BCom, Dip PA, PG Dip Psych, MClin Psych., has dedicated a quarter of a century to studying the mechanics of human relationships. With specific focus on strengthening the parent-child relationship, he is well known for his popular parenting workshops, energetic conference sessions and for his role as the host of ABC Australia’s television series, The Ex-Files. Cliff regularly features in Australian newspapers, magazines and radio programs and moonlights as a psychology lecturer at Bond University, Queensland

His easy to read, conversational writing style, employs clever analogies, personal-life experiences and warm humour to give parents a complete guide to bully proofing their child for life. Bully Proof Your Child – A Handbook for Raising a Child with Super Hero Self-Esteem is a one-stop, easy to understand system that comfortably blends scientific evidence and psychological reasoning with real-world, modern parenting. The ready to use scripts will help any parent give their child the confidence, resilience, understanding and optimism needed to succeed in social, academic, sporting and other important relationship environments.





AUDIOBOOK | Bully Proof Your Child – A Handbook for Raising A Child With Superhero Self-Esteem by Cliff Battley