People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for inner peace: Chasing pressured dreams, unhealthy addictions, even other people, hoping to fill the uncomfortable emptiness which haunts them. There’s good news. Everything you need, to find true happiness, already exists within you.

Five Fantastic Minutes of Happiness

Welcome to our latest series, “Five Fantastic Minutes of Happiness.” New episodes will be revealed each week. Together with Cliff, you can learn to build a safe and strong relationship within yourself by defining who you are, what you stand for and how to genuinely love the experience of being you. With this information, Cliff will then help you learn to navigate successful and dependable relationships with others. Happiness is all about our relationships; and those with higher self-esteem enjoy a significantly greater chance of building committed, reliable and fulfilling relationships with others.

Episode 1
This week in ‘Five Fantastic Minutes of Happiness’, Cliff draws our attention to the strong positive relationship between happiness, self-esteem, and self-discipline. He reminds us that the world is run by those who ‘show up’ and asks, “Are you’re willing to be the kind of person you’d wish to have as a best friend?”.
Episode 2
Follow Cliff and watch a brief preview of what he has in store for us in this week’s episode of ‘Five Fantastic Minutes Of Happiness’. Are you ready to gain understanding and acceptance? Read all about the road to happiness and how to be happy in both your relationships with others and within yourself.
Episode 3
Cliff shares one of his favourite Robert Louis Stevenson quotes: “Sooner or later we all sit down to a banquet of consequences!” Are you willing to be accountable for all you’ve done, or SHOULD be doing? Cliff reminds us we always feel better after putting in a hard day’s work.
Episode 4
If you’re willing to take care of the little things, the big things will more likely take care of themselves. Cliff discusses how our behaviour and attitude regarding application to the small things, often reveals our values. Your values determine your character, and your character determines your value.
Episode 5
This week Cliff talks about the second last component of self-discipline. How much do we actually want, what we want? Do we want it enough not to be defeated by life’s inevitable obstacles? There will always be bumps on the road to happiness. Your desire to be happy must be greater than the challenges you face.
Episode 6

Cliff’s first chapter of ‘Five Fantastic Minutes of Happiness’ comes to an end with him introducing the final component of self-discipline: Commitment. He puts failure into perspective, by highlighting why our response to failure is more important than failure itself. After all, he tells us, “You grow strong by falling down; not by standing still.” He poses the question, “If you refuse to quit, can you fail?”

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Jump on the road to happiness

We all have different ideas of happiness. This is because we experience different lives. Our social and cultural environments vary and so do the things that make us happy.  In its broadest terms, happiness is a product of how we are doing in our relationships with others and within ourselves. Jump on the road to happiness. This is a journey on which you will learn we are an incredibly simple species. For we all want the same two things:

1. To be happy

2. To like ourselves